The second release in a series of music videos collaborations with Hans Bilger.

Director/DP/ Editor: Laura Hilliard

Camera : Iphone (!)

Music video series collaboration with Hans Bilger for the song Had it and Lost it

Director / DP / Editor : Laura Hilliard

Camera : A7s

A music video for the song 'Silver Blade' by folk music legend Joan Baez - This video is one installment of a 10 part visual album collaboration with Baez for her recently released record 'Whistle Down The Wind'. Read more about the record in Rolling Stone , The New York Times, and NPR. ( The first of 10 videos, directed by Jeff Scher, was premiered by The Atlantic on March 27, 2018.)

DP/Director: Laura Hilliard

Featuring: Johanna Lee as Christina

Producer: Rick Litvin

Editor: Joanie Educate

Assistant Director: Sam Schanwald

Sound Design: Eli Brown

Camera: Arri Amira

Lens: Cooke Mini S4


Documentary film featuring Tracy Hamm, Head Soccer Coach of the SF State Gators and the first American woman to receive the highest international soccer coaching license - the UEFA A license. Shot on location in San Fransisco.

Directors: Jordan Axelrod and Mathew Edward Ellison

Camera: C300

Lenses: Canon L series

Watch Trailer Here

35mm Photographic Portrait of Daisy Dickinson (of the band Adrena-Adrena) published in The Guardian

Camera: Pentax K1000

Film Stock: Portra 400

Screen Shot 2018-10-19 at 8.06.41 PM.png

View Here

Gakko Camps - Summer 2018 Doc Content / Summer 2019 Promo

‘Ask the Kohai: What would you say to someone who wants to come to Camp?’

Role: Director/DP

Camera: A7S

Milk Makeup | ‘Romance With an Ethereal Edge

Makeup artist Alice Lane demonstrates a recreated version of the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund “Weepy Lady” look on Taylor for CFDA Finalist, jewelry designer, and sculptor, Jordan Askill. An almost fairy like look was the perfect compliment to Askill’s renaissance-like collection.

Camera: C300 MKII

Milk Makeup | ‘How to Take an Editorial Look to an Everyday Look’

Make-up artist Alice Lane demonstrates a recreated version of the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund look “Sexy Night Creature” on Kelsie for CFDA finalist and LA-Based refined grungewear designer, RtA.

Camera: C300 MKII

Web Series Episode : 'Why Halloween is the Most Extra Holiday' for Elite Daily Magazine x Bustle Series 'GEN WHY'

Camera: C300 MK II

Lenses: Canon CN-E Series

Web Series Episode: KYRA TV PAQ - Episode #13 Thrifting in NYC

Camera: A7S

Independent Short Film : ‘FISH’

Watch Here:

鱼 'FISH' is about a very small moment in Zoe, a doctor in residency and young immigrant's life, when she decides to cook a home-made meal and calls her mum for some tip– like how to kill a live fish. Zoe misses home but has built a life in New York for herself, what does she tell her mum when she is questioned about moving back?

Directed By Josh Davy

Camera: Nikon D800

Independent Short Film: ‘Dim Sum Boy

DIM SUM BOY is about a roller-blading American-Chinese Boy named CHUN TONG who brings his Father’s dinner to his Hospice everyday with his permissive Mother, AH WAN and magically animate toy, CHAR SIU HERO. 

Directed by Josh Davy

Camera: Panavised Arri Alexa Classic

Lenses: Panavision Primos

Independent Short Film: ‘In Deep Water’

Shot on location in New Orleans, Louisiana

Directed by Sarah Andry

Camera: Sony F5

Lens: CP2s

Photographs of Francis Aud (Musician)

"Francis Aud is a Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter who writes and performs Soul music that is almost as charming as he is."

Camera: Pentax k1000

Lenses: Pentax-M 50mm f/1.7 &  85mm f/2

Film Stocks: Kodak Portra 800 & Kodak Portra 400 (pushed to 1600)


Manhattan College Men's Basketball Promo

A promo video shot in collaboration with DirtyWork Productions that highlights the key players of the Manhattan College Men's Basketball team - to be played before home games and for internet promotion. 

Camera: C100

Lenses: CP2

 Photographs of Micky (Musician)

"MICKY is the moniker under which singer and songwriter Michael Persall creates Motown tinged Pop music with a classic rock and soul aftertaste."

Camera: Pentax k1000

Lenses: Pentax-M 50mm f/1.7 &  85mm f/2

Film Stocks: Kodak Portra 800 & Kodak 400TX (pushed to 800)

Jess and Lilly

Director: Lauren Freedman

Camera: Black Magic Cinema Camera

Lenses: Rokinon


Boy Booty’ by Malka Red. See the Music Video at:

Behind the scenes Photo and Video for promotional use

Photo Stills - Camera: Pentax K1000  Lens: Pentax 50mm 1.7  Film: 35mm (Portra 800 & Portra 400)

‘Mom's Little Helper’ 

A 35mm camera test exploring  the effects of over-exposure, pull processing, and fully timed printing on the rendition and contrast of color in front of the camera (production design) 

Camera: Arri 435

Lenses: Zeiss Superspeeds

Film: 5213 200T (pull processed 2 stops) 

‘Honey Did You Know About This’ 

Music Video spoofing the Bachelorette for Atlanta based rapper, Boregard's, song "Honey Did You Know About This"

Director: Chris Cole

Camera: C300

Lenses: Canon L Series


‘Be There For Her’

Synopsis: Public Service Announcement encouraging the audience to spend more time with their moms. 

Director: Story Chen

Camera: C300

Lenses: Canon L Series

‘The Alternative’ Promotional Video

Watch Here

Director: Sachin Dharwadker

Camera: Alexa Mini

Lenses: Canon L Series

Fashion Spec Shoot

Camera: Sony F5 

Lenses: CP2s

 ‘I Want You To Hit Me As Hard As You Can’ 

Directed by Joanie Educate

Synopsis: A deaf female street fighter faces a crowd of belligerent, screaming men as she prepares for a fight. 

Camera: Cannon C300

Lenses: Cooke Mini S4s